Hello World

Welcome to my new “kool” blog. (I promise, that is the last time I’ll do that.) Last week, while participating in the Social Media for Communicators Conference (presented by Ragan Communications & PRSA), I had intentions of live-blogging the conference. However, my other blog, Boogie Blazon, didn’t seem like the right place to do that. My original blogging intentions included having a personal lifestyle blog and another more focused on Communications, Social Media and PR — along with some entries about how the knowledge I’m gaining daily applies in other areas of my life (example — 2 blogs in 2 months!).

The first thing I’m going to do here is post all the things I wrote last week in Las Vegas, since there was no wifi at the conference. (still don’t know why???) I apologize that the timeliness is a little delayed, but I think the content and conversation can definitely make up for that. To get you started, check out my recap from last Wednesday’s UnConference discussions at Boogie Blazon. I’ll be back soon to keep adding more so we can get some good discussion going in the comments.



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