Stepping Up to the Plate to Take a Swing

I’ve been asked to lead a presentation for the Oregon Capital PRSA group next week, with the intent to introduce Web 2.0, new media tools and how to integrate them, for an audience of 20-30 PR professionals. It’s gut check time for me (creating the presentation while packing for a cross-country move, ouch!), and a good test to make sure I can boil down the basics and explain it to a group who needs this information.

I had to come up with a title (sometimes that’s the hardest part!): “SOCIAL MEDIA and PR 2.0: A 101 Intro What does it really mean and why should you care?” Now, I’m going back through notes from webinars, blog posts, links, conference notes, etc to make sure I can pass along the most important introductory points. I’m trying to remember the first things I learned, the first blogs I subscribed to, the first Twitter peeps I followed. Even though it was only 10 months ago, it seems like much longer! I think it’ll be challenging to not make this overwhelming and leave enough time to answer questions in just a 45 minute presentation.

For those of you that have more experience giving these social media 101 workshops, I pose the question — what works? What resonates with an audience with lots of PR experience, but little-to-no idea how to integrate new tools into a tried and true (old-school) toolbox? Any tips, links and insight you can give will help me enormously. I’ll be blogging more over the next week as I go through putting together this (my first) presentation, so lets start the conversation and see where it goes. Isn’t that what this is all about?

A really big thank you in advance. Really big.


3 thoughts on “Stepping Up to the Plate to Take a Swing

  1. Hey Lauren,
    As I twittered, I’ve done lots of 101 presentations. You can download them at slideshare and really – feel free to use as much or as little as you need. None of mine were for working PR professionals, but I don’t think that matters so much. I’ve done some for classes and some for business leaders and some for nonprofits.

    With the Oregon Capital chapter, definitely think of your audience… lots of PIO’s. So they may have a hard time with the lack of control (either the PIOs themselves or their superiors). I’d recommend suggesting “toe in the water” strategies to give social media a try. I posted on it here a while back:

    Good luck!! You’ll do great. 🙂


  2. I was in the audience at PRSA event and just wanted to say good job today–I definitely came away with some useful information–and best of luck in Florida. – Michelle

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