My favorite PR blogs

My presentation at Oregon Capital PRSA today went great — especially considering I was still adding slides up to an hour before the presentation and practiced with my notes while driving up to Salem. (and you never would’ve known, would you?) I had lots of fun conversing with the PRSA group and creating discussion about social media and how to get started learning and applying it, professionally and personally.

I’m waiting on my presentation to be converted by SlideShare, so in the meantime I will post a set of links to my favorite PR and social media blogs. Start reading, commenting, subscribing and following these people and their thoughs. I think you’ll learn a ton from them, like I have. Please don’t forget to add my “Kool Aid” to your subscription list and blogroll too.

Engage in PR by Kyle Flaherty –
The Bad Pitch Blog by Kevin Dugan & Richard Laermer –
Strategic Public Relations by Kevin Dugan –
Young PR by Paull Young –
Common Sense PR by Eric Eggertson –
WordWise by Dan Santow –
Copyblogger by Brian Clark –
PR 2.0 by Brian Solis –
Scatterbox by Stevin Silvers –
PR Squared by Todd Defren –
my PRception by Christi Eubanks –

Special recognition for blog that inspired the format for my new blog, which encompasses work & play & favorites & rants:
Come here. Let me tell you a few sangs by Kait Swanson –

Talk to you soon —


4 thoughts on “My favorite PR blogs

  1. L-
    Good on you for posting about 90 percent more frequently than I! You’ve done a great job of tying together life and profession and play…keep it coming.


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