Tweeting from THE PLAYERS is experimenting with a behind-the-scenes (or inside the ropes) look at what goes into putting on a tournament the caliber of THE PLAYERS Championship. Starting last week, the tournament has had a presence on Twitter, updating under the profile 2008PLAYERS.

During the week of the tournament (next Monday through Sunday), Twitter updates will be coming from charity and social events, the competition, and fan and volunteer perspectives to give PGA TOUR fans a chance to be part of the action without being in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Follow along with all the action and updates on Twitter at and TwitPic at This experiment will help decide how to cover and distribute content from future tournaments and events.


One thought on “Tweeting from THE PLAYERS

  1. How did the Twitter Project for the Players Tournament work out?
    Personally and professionally, I have yet to find a real value for Twitter for anything in the golf industry. My three month survey of Twitter is showing, first of all, that there are not that many real golfers on Twitter and that about 85% the users of Twitter are Social Media people who only post links to URLs of they are getting paid to post on Twitter. They really are not there to build a community.
    Your interaction with me on Twitter during your Players Tweeting resulting in you passing the test I give anyone in the golf industry who follows me on Twitter and then starts Tweeting…espically at a high volume like you were. You did what was suppose to be done with Twitter…interact with people, not blatant advertising which is killing the internet and is what I have found in my three year study is why more golfers will not come online.
    Thanks for getting out here and getting involved in a positive way. That is going to pay off for you in the long run and by the way…welcome to the REAL Online Golf Community. Let me know how I can help.

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