New: Favorite tool(s) of the week

In an effort to stop slacking on my blog duties, I’m going to start a weekly posting to highlight a “favorite tool.” These can be brand new or one of my can’t-live-without web tools (or applications) that I want to share.

I’ll start with a preliminary list of what I use daily that you hopefully already know about. If you aren’t familar, go check ’em out NOW. I won’t describe here, but if you want more info feel free to email me or ask questions in the comments.

  1. Twitter & Twhirl ( the desktop apps that puts my Twitter feed on my screen)
  2. FireFox Browser (Version 3 is out now!)
  3. Facebook (not just for college students!)
  4. Meebo (congregates all your IM programs into one)
  5. Pandora radio (the desktop app is HANDY)
  6. PGA TOUR’s Live Shot Tracking and Live Leaderboard Widget

Another tool I use almost daily, and am a BIG fan of, is I am sick of getting emails with “so and so has sent you a link”, losing bookmarked sites going between computers, or printing out every article I want to save for later. You too? Then go sign up for Once you get past the strange URL, you’ll find its a great tool for personal and workplace use.

The site allows registered users to save bookmarks in a list online. For each bookmark, users can edit the title, a description of the link and add tags for future reference. also has “social” features including allowing users to create networks, save links for each other and see what other people have saved as bookmarks (much better than emails, huh?). For an example, see my personal links at

Last thing — if you have favorite sites or web tools you can’t live without, tell me (comments, Twitter, email, etc). I’ll be happy to check them out and share them down the road.


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