App of the week: FireFox v3 browser

FireFox3My 2.0 Tool of the week: FireFox version 3 browser

According to the download website it’s faster, safer and smarter than ever before. Firefox is my (and millions of other people too) web browser of choice. Everyone else has already downloaded it so you should too. Here are a few of my favorite things about using Firefox:

  • Firefox pioneered tabbed browsing
  • Automatically saves your session and prompts to restore it if the browser closes unexpectedly
  • Open platform allows developers to create helpful add-ons that make using the browser even better
  • Security and privacy settings are user-friendly and keep users safe while browsing
  • The new “Awesome Bar” auto-prompts from recently entered URL’s and recent history

Firefox 3 can be downloaded here. Once you’ve made the switch, the helpful Tips & Tricks on the Mozilla site can help you get started or learn something new about using the browser.


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