Surfin’ down to Blog Orlando

This weekend I”ll be attending Blog Orlando 3 at Rollins College. It’s a one day un-conference for the Central Florida community of new media avids to come together, share and learn new things. It’ll be my first Blog Orlando experience (I only moved to Florida five months ago) and I’m excited to see what its all about.

One of my big picture to-do items for the remainder of 2008 is to increase my contributions to my online communities. I’ve spent the last 12-16 months reading, studying and asking questions about social media, PR 2.0 and the like. My experiences so far have been life-changing, literally. Before I left Oregon, I started helping others learn more about the theories, tools and getting started in new media. Lately though, my focus on giving back has been more internally driven. Learning a new side of business, a new company culture and starting to make my footprints here have set me back in giving into my online communities as much as I would like. Hence, another reason why I’m excited to attend Blog Orlando.

I don’t get many weekends in Orlando, so I plan on taking full advantage. I figure the solo trip is an excuse to start my Couch Surfing adventures on the East Coast. The Orlando CS community isn’t as large as those on the left coast, but I get the impression it’s a hospitable one. I’m also hoping to check out Halloween Horror at Universal Studios one night, as I heard it is a can’t miss scare-fest. I recently purchased annual passes to Sea World and Universal that I might use on Sunday if I can round up a group to go with (no one likes to see Shamu alone!)

In short, I’m really looking forward to this weekend’s adventures. I follow many of the speakers at Blog Orlando on Twitter, including Sarah Perez, David Alston and Phil Gomes, and look forward to seeing them in person. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@ltbeyer) to connect before/during Blog Orlando or to get updates from the sessions. I’ll also be posting news, recaps and notes here as I can.


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