Taking in all of Blog Orlando

It’s the end of the day at Blog Orlando (@blogorlando, as we’ve been typing all day) and I’m just now logging into my blog to post a “hey I’m here, it is great” update. Blog Orlando has been a totally different experience than I anticipated, but in very positive ways. No, I didn’t hit all the sessions I wanted to. No, I haven’t met all the people I was hoping to (yet). Yes, I’m tired and dreading the two-hour drive back to Jacksonville tnoight.

The sessions and session leaders have been terrific. So have the audiences, as participation is also key to a good unconference. The conversation channels on Twitter allowed us to keep a pulse on what other sessions were talking about too. To get a feel for what that’s like, try searching BlogOrlando on Twitter Search and reading the updates.

I plan to publish my notes as soon as my mind stops buzzing long enough to put some concise thoughts into them and make them share-worthy. I attended sessions on Shiny New Objects, Internal Training, Southwest Airlines Blog, Online Video, and the Orlando Scene, along with two awesome keynotes…so my thoughts on these are forthcoming. If you also have posted recaps relating to Blog Orlando or the sessions, get me the links so I can also repost them. We’ve re-ignited buzz today, let’s keep it going!


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