Let’s start Social Media Club JAX!

After living here for seven months, I’ve come to love lots of things about Jacksonville. One thing, though, keeps me wishing I was still back in Portland — the passionate, engaged tech (geek) and social media community that thrives in PDX.

I know the same like-minded people are here in Jacksonville too. I know because I twitter with them, read their blogs and met a few at BlogOrlando last month. I want to take the steps to build a Social Media Club Jacksonville. The club will be a place for all interested people, from Twitterati to bloggers, geeks to PR pros and newbies, to come together and create our own community. I think Jacksonville will embrace and support a SMC Jax, as soon as we get it going. smc_logo_clean

I’ve chosen Social Media Club as the umbrella organization because it is led by some of the top minds in this space, clubs have been established all over the USA (and world now), and I believe in helping their missions succeed. SMC is on Twitter at @socialmediaclub and on FriendFeed.

The efforts of SMC Jax will be low key to start and we will need everyone’s help to get it rolling in 2009. So far, there’s an email address (smcjax at gmail dot com), Twitter account (@smcjax) and wiki page to begin sharing updates and collecting interest. I’d like to have a breakfast meetup to gauge interest on Saturday, November 22nd. Since I’m new to the area, I don’t know all the best breakfast spots or even the best area to meet. Please vote in poll below the best location for you to meet up. Feel free to suggest specific locations in the comments, keeping in mind we’ll need meet at a place with a table for 10-12 people (I’m optimistic), is somewhat inexpensive, and (most importantly) has great breakfasts.

Please spread the word and start thinking about what SMC Jax could mean to you. This is our community and we can build it as such! If you have questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter or via email. I’ll post more updates here as we get more info.


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