When a Tiger roars on (bootlegged) video, everyone hears it

Time just released the Top 10 Everything of 2008 lists online. It’s no surprise that Tiger Woods’ putt on the 72nd hole of the U.S. Open was the number one moment in Sports in ’08. The producers of Time.com added a YouTube clip of Tiger’s putt to the article. The YouTube video, 2 minutes of the NBC coverage, was posted by the user “theslicegirls”. (When this post was first written, the video had 65,545 views.)

Courtesy of Golf.com
Courtesy of Golf.com

Alternatively, Hulu.com has the official NBC Sports U.S. Open highlights, which can be clipped based on user preference and then embedded [but not on WordPress, unfortunately].

I’m not sure why Time.com producers would use the bootlegged YouTube clip rather than the official highlights from Hulu.com, but it’s another example of traditional web behavior, by both producers and users. It will be interesting to see if NBC puts any pressure on Time to change the video on the page.

I’m personally guilty of accepting, using and sharing the first relevant video or photo I find, even if its copyrighted by a large media company. However, I’m now on the other end of the protected footage argument, professionally. Using appropriate or official content, and giving credit back to it, is not only the responsible thing for online producers and bloggers to do; it’s also the easiest way to build credibility.

From a brand perspective, this example also highlights how having an official presence on a video or content site is half the battle. The other half is telling media/bloggers that the channel and videos exist, and that the brands want content to be shared with the media or blogger’s audience.

On that note, the PGA TOUR’s official YouTube channel is at http://youtube.com/pgatour. I would be very happy to see more media, golf bloggers and golf fans sending, sharing and posting official PGA TOUR highlights and features! (If you have questions about that, shoot me an email or Tweet directly)


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