Tweet Assist

Last night I spoke on a panel titled “Strictly Social” attended by PRSSA students at UNF and members of Social Media Club Jax. (I’ll post a recap of the panel soon.) One of the discussion topics was on how brands use social media for customer service. We highlighted the ones everyone knows — Comcast, Southwest, Zappos, Wells Fargo etc. I shared how I was able to change my American Express card to my married name via Twitter, which raised some eyebrows in the crowd.

I have a new customer service example after this morning My experience went something like this:

Email reminder to check in the way-too-early-why-did-I-book-that flight to Oregon arrives in my inbox.

Click to check in. Remember I booked this flight as Lauren Beyer, before changing SkyMiles account name to Lauren Teague (another married name change done via Twitter)

Try to check in. Get through entire process to find out I have an error with reservation (expected) and should wait until I get to the airport to speak to an agent. Try again anyways. Denied.

Wanting as much snooze time as possible before a 6:30AM flight, I turn to Twitter:
@Delta Can someone help? Booked a ticket under SkyMiles #, then changed to married name in SkyMiles acct. Now reservation not in “My Trips”

7 mins later, I get this response (and followed by): DeltaAssist: @ltbeyer I’d like to assist. Please follow @DeltaAssist and dm your Skymiles number and confirmation number?^TH

A couple DMs later, they’re working away on my name change on the ticket. Less than 40 minutes later I have an updated itinerary in my inbox and a DM: You’re all set. It’s been changed to Teague. You will, however, need to check in again. Glad you tweeted with us this am!^TH

Super easy. Great service. Saved me sleep & frustration early in the AM dealing with a gate agent and two IDs with two different names. The only thing they missed was adding a few hundred bonus miles to my account so I’ll be Gold status after this trip — but I’ll let that slide.

In less time than it would have taken me to do a Google Search for Delta’s customer service number for Skymiles, find 10 minutes at work to set aside to make the call, reach an agent and get my issue resolved — @DeltaAssist came to my rescue. Think I won’t be going to Twitter again next time I have a question or issue, with any brand?

What’s your favorite personal example of customer service through social media? Let’s see who really stands out.


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