Rants on Twitter Publishing

Two social media publishing outlets I’m currently using to produce, publish and schedule Twitter posts through have taken this one-sided view to scheduling and publishing tweets to run later. (Yes, I do this. No, it’s not evil.)

My issue with keeping your scheduled posts in a different view than your home feed, is you start becoming disconnected with the Twitter conversation as a whole. Call me Ariel, because I wanna be where the people are.

It’s takes additional time if I have to schedule a RT that’s worthy of publishing, or a new piece of content, in one view, then click over to the “Pending” or “Scheduled” view and make sure it’s not overlapping with another scheduled piece of content. Whats so wrong with seeing everything in the same place…especially as a paying customer?

My fear is that this practice of keeping the publishing away from the conversation will encourage the bad behavior of push-push-push messages into Twitter and Facebook and really take brands out of the conversations that make social media so valuable.

Agree? Disagree? Think I’m being cranky in my stubborn old ways? Tell me.


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