Measuring Social’s Impact (at AAF-ND)

Earlier this week, I crossed both North Dakota and Minnesota off my “states to visit” list, thanks to some new friends in Fargo. I spent Tuesday’s lunch hour presenting to the AAF-ND group at their monthly meeting. We talked about how social media is a skill, not a job. I wanted to emphasize how to unleash Social Media within an organization and positioned to identify and solve business challenges, and complement existing efforts. When social media is not siloed, and able to impact many parts of a business, including allowing employees to act as brand advocates, good things can happen.

The slides are below for anyone who would like to take a second pass. Please take a look, and if you have any questions, tweet me!

I encouraged the 80-some attendees to use Twitter and the organizer’s branded hashtag #AAFND throughout my talk, which you can see here. Nearly 40 tweets used the hashtag that afternoon, generating over 16K potential impressions. Using Postano’s hashtag analytics tool, we’re able to see what keywords and phrases caught the ears of the attendees. Its always fascinating to see what other hashtags are used by those who participated online. Hopefully whoever used #slowclap meant it in a good way!


Interested in having me speak to your group or organization on social media, measuring ROI or another topic? Drop me a note


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