Who is LaurenTee?

Lauren Teague…

30-something Digital Strategist, Social Media Coach and Millennial Mom near Portland, Oregon.

Grew up in Oregon, but have also called Arizona,  Ireland and most recently Florida home through my 20’s. Fan of: sports (golf), microbrews, travel, sunshine, beaches, my littles, my husband, giving back and community outreach

Connect with me on Linked In, Twitter, Flickr, Snapchat @TeagueFC or just straight up email me at lauren at teaguefc dot com. More about my professional work, and how to put me on your team is at TeagueFC.com 


One thought on “Who is LaurenTee?

  1. Social Media. I wonder the impact this has on education. Teenagers recording happenings to post on YouTube. Is there any thought before they begin to do something?

    In education we move so slowly. When will education be expected to teach student how to maximize sms protocol, express themselves on a twitter, and MySpace etiquette? It moves so fast I don’t think we can keep up unless we let the students teach the teachers.

    How does the education business communicate with the different generations? Can I spend education $$”s on communications? Web Pages, WiKi’s Blog’s, newspaper, television, and ?????? where does it stop/

    I will keep moving forward. I know that education must keep running to try to keep up or not fall behind. I will Twitter. I will learn to Blog. I am podcasting!

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