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Editors note: I develop these “Rant” style posts usually on the drive home from work, where I can’t ask Siri to write and post them for me. Consequently, my really good points don’t make it farther than the four doors of my trusty Camry. I’ll work on my blogging frequently and content quality if you, […]

Great post out this week from Jeremiah Owyang and the Altimeter Group, all about Facebook Page Marketing. Facebook & Facebook users are continuing to evolve and become more sophisticated on the platform, which means that brands who are just getting started with Facebook pages, or are doing the same thing they’ve done for a year […]

I went through a “101” call a couple weeks back and it brought back the reminder of that, while some of us do this social media stuff 24/7, most marketers and small businesses are still just getting started figuring out what to do with their Facebook profile/group/page,  YouTube channel/video, Twitter thingy. A lot of people […]

I’m not a huge fan of the “Facebook is evil” posts that get tossed around when Facebook makes changes that rile everyone up (Beacon, News Feed, etc), but I just discovered one bit of info that I feel I should share. Facebook has a loophole where even if you opt out of sharing your information, […]

  Would you make Twitter your homepage?  How about using Flickr photos tagged with your brand name as official company images or take what someone has written about your company history and products and use it as official brand language.  Sounds a little crazy, right? Or it might be intriguing, but you know that suggesting […]

From the “best thing I read today” files (courtesy of Clickz): Widgets on a social network are different from those on a personal platform. This might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. The most successful applications on Facebook harness the social network. This includes music and video applications that allow users to see what others […]

The first actual conference session I went to Thursday was titled “Using Social Media to Engage Digital Natives”. Now, the idea of engaging young adults with technology that speaks to them is something I think about every day. Still, I was interested to hear about how other companies were using new media tools to reach […]


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